Monday, April 8, 2013

Why am I in NYC....

and why am i doing this Blog I hear you ask? Well because no one likes a good rant like me and plus I can really use my documentary degree...

So I'm Liana, I'm in my twenties (im not telling) and I'm from Cardiff (that's in Wales...that's next to the UK) and Im taking a break from my career in TV factual production as a Locations Director (im not sure what it is either) to pursue my life long passion...ACTING! But not just acting, METHOD ACTING. I've been lucky enough to get into Lee Strasberg Theatre School and after saving all my pennies i've finally arrived in New York City, concrete jungle where dreams are made of - I bloody hope so! 

So im here for 3 months and each week I'll be posting a diary detailing what I've been up to. Lets hope I get more then 10 views...

Here's the Vids:

This was my first day -

This was my first week -