Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Its been a while! Diary of Cuba coming soon...

Its been more than a while, a fucking year and a half! No one will probably read this anyway, maybe my sister - big up yourself Saz!

Anyway, since spending 3 months in Japan I've been working (some jobs abroad) and travelling in-between jobs as usual. I have been mostly instagraming (@lianafilms) due to being too lazy to actually video stuff. Since being in Tokyo, end of 2013, I've been to Morocco, Ibiza, Bulgaria, Denmark, Jamaica, Iceland, Toronto, NY again cos I loves it and the fabulous Cuba.

I actually went to Cuba alone with no map, no wifi (I know can you imagine) and 3 days booked accommodation. I travelled alone and didn't actually do much researching before spending 9 days there. Yes I got cheated into buying fake cigars, yes I got lost in 40 degree heat and yes it will all be in my video diaries as soon as I finish editing them.

So. Keep posted for 2 video diaries fresh from last month, Aug 2015!

Adios (I'm learning Spanish...badly)